A message from Bernie Mayall, Lead Governor

Thank you for your interest in joining East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust (EKHUFT). As an NHS foundation trust, EKHUFT has a Council of Governors. The public and staff members of the Council are elected from the Foundation Trust membership by the members and there are also  nominated representatives from key stakeholder organisations.

The Council has a number of statutory duties, including appointing the Chair and Non Executive Directors and ratifying the appointment of the Chief Executive. The Council of Governors also determines the remuneration and terms and conditions of the Chair and Non Executive Directors, receives the Trust’s Annual report and accounts and auditor’s report, and appoints the Trust’s external auditor.

The Board of Directors works closely with the Council of Governors to ensure that it understands the views of governors, and through them, the views of members who are represented by the Governors. The relationship between the three main sections of the internal governance team – Executive Board, Non-Executives and Council of Governors – is crucial to the accountability and development of the services and people, and to the safe and effective governance of the organisation. This appointment will be an important part of that.

We hope this microsite provides you with the information you need about our organisation and the roles. Thank you for your interest in joining our board of directors.

Bernie Mayall, Lead Governor